10 Commandments of Sewing

Did you ever meet someone with whom you had so many common interests and you bonded right away? That's how I felt about Joan McKenna on our European Lingerie Tour. Joan teaches college level sewing classes in San Diego (and is now their Program…
Boob Camp Bra-Making Class Bra-Makers Supply Feature Image

Boob Camp February 2017

Recently we finished Boob Camp February 2017, where students come from all over the world to learn bra-making here at Bra-makers Supply in the heart of the fabric district in Hamilton. We had some wonderful students here with us, including one…

Mardi Bra Contest Winners

This past week we had our annual Mardi Gras Bra week long festivities!  Lots of fun for everyone here at Bra-makers Supply, including students in our week long Mardi Bra Boob Camp. We are so pleased to announce our Mardi Bra Contest Winners!…

Pink Passion

We used our Classic Bra pattern and the Pink passion Quartet to create a stunning Pink passion Bra. Here is the Quartet, which is available with either fuchsia or black findings. We chose the fuchsia findings for our bra. Included in the Quartet…

Bra-making Contest Entries!

Bra-making Contest Entries! We have chosen the winners of our first ever digital bra-making contest! And you've certainly outdone yourselves. We've received some amazing photos of some beautiful bras. First I would like to thank everyone who…

14 years of Monastic Bra-making

14 years of Monastic Bra-making Since 2002, I've been teaching at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference in Muenster. This unusual conference is Saskatchewan's Best Kept Secret. But that's OK. The 350 women who do know are happy to have it all…

Boob Camp June 2016

Boob Camp June 2016 You always know when Boob Camp June 2016 is over because you know our Digital Fashion Show is about to start! A glorious line-up of what our students have made over their 5 days with us at Bra-makers Supply, in the heart…

Get Started in Bra-making!

Get Started in Bra-making! If you want to get started in Bra-making, but feel like you are lost in a maze of information, don't worry. Here are some blog posts that will get you moving to the finish line! Just click on the link to take you…

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