• Jade Euro Jersey FT-6627.287 Bra-amkers supply fold swimwear stretch fabric

    Eurojersey Polyester Swimwear Fabric

    $40.00 per Metre
  • Bamboo Knit with Feather Print Black and White Bra-makers Supply watermark

    FT-29480P – Bamboo Knit Print Stretch Rayon Fabric

    $20.00 per Metre
  • Magnetic Metal Bra Connector

  • Scuba Print Fabric Multi Flower Print Bra-makers Supply

    Scuba Print Fabric

    $24.00 per Metre
  • Single Row Nylon Hook and Eye Tape

    $13.25 per Metre
  • Coral Bamboo Panty Kity with Pattern Bra-makers Supply

    Women’s Bamboo Panty Kit with Pattern

  • Warm Red organic cotton panty kit with pattern bra-makers supply

    Women’s Organic Cotton Panty Kit with Pattern

  • Metal Swimwear Rings Rose Gold Bra-makers Supply

    Metal Swimwear Rings

  • Polka Dot Fold-Over Elastic Binding lilac with white dots swirl bra-makers supply

    Polka Dot Fold-Over Elastic Binding

    $1.80 per Metre
  • FT.6627 SAMPLER – Eurojersey Polyester Swimwear Fabric Sampler Pack

  • Sewing Bras Construction & Fit DVD

  • KT-28-Light Copper Trio Bra Fabrics Pack